Friday, December 26, 2008

Ugh! -- Proposed.

So he proposed to me. WHY?!. i don't know if u know but i don't do the whole committed forever kinda thing. yeah i guess me n him been at it for a while, but i never once thot he was serious about me like tht. i know i'm not serious about him at all. i know that if his sex wasnt so SATISFACTORY i wudda left a LONNNNNNNNNNNG [pun intended] time ago. lol.. i'm on using him for his sex, and he wants to marry me? i been talkin to my friends about it, and i'm like, i gotta say no. BUT if yhu had seen the look in his eye yhu wud understand y i said i'd think about it. it was like the sad puppy dog don't break my heart kinda look. UGH!!!!!!!! He's cool i just can't get married cuz i aint found the one yet.. and i know he's the one for some one, but that some one just aint me. and out children would look ugly w/ his genes... but i am feeeeelin dat rock he tryna put on my finger.. n i wud look pretty badd in a wedding dress... lol... i knowwww, but i can't help mahself! lol. all i can say tho is... he went to Jared. but Jared betta give him a refund! lol ♥

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