Saturday, December 13, 2008


So i was thinking about this, when it comes to sex, or sum hot LOVIN, i hate giving instructions. i feel as tho, my body itself is a road map and that HE shud be able to read it. i'm not tryna teach a dude how to make love to me, i feel as tho he shud already know. so the boo lately has been lovin me JUST right. its like he knows EXXXACTLY where and what i need. like how he goes from my lips down my body to my lips. PURRRFECT. i mean i really do be purring and shit. i used to make fun of them girls in the lil porno videos or them movies that be having this perfect orgamsm and be growling and shit, but with him i get it just rightttttttt. so ladies, if he doing something yhu like or yhu want him to do something yuu do like, when yall are in public like at the mall or something, draw him close to yhu whisper REAL SEXXXY LIKE in his ear "baby i really like it when yhu...." then HURRY bakk home. and don't be scared to instruct him. just don't be a drill sargent... 'less yhu tryna be ;-p.

Kelly Rowland. So sexy. ♥

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Don said...

My Lord, Kelly is so damn sexy to me, too!