Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Sex

I'm in DC for New Years and I plan on having a good time. I'm already buzzed and on twitter talking about my sex life LOL (@DivineShyne), but tonight is a celebration. And if you can't find a nigga to do it for you, do it your damn self. So while I'm out tonight, drunk as a motherfucker on New Years Eve, I will have my vibrating bullet. YES YOU HEARD ME! i will be walking around this city nutting on ever street corner, dance floor...etc. (Starting @ 10pm EST)

You can never masturbate enough. The whole cumming in public and nobody knowing your dirty little secret but you is a major turn on. I know i will not be able to last the whole night, but i figure, since this year I promised my lady i wouldn't drink over the top, lets see how long i could last before I can't cum any more and explode. I think 2 hours? LOL I have high goals people... ;-p

Cum IS Tasty

Cum can be tasty, dependent on what the person eats. Like if they walk around all day eating asparagus and broccoli and shit like that, the pussy/cum will taste weird. My suggestion is you take your ass to a sex store, your grown you can do it, and buy some "Sweeten". It'll make your pussy sweet, your cum taste like candy, and you will be given "becky" like never before. From my sexcapade last night, I swear it was just like cotton candy. ;-p

P.S. If you don't plan on swallowing, don't put it in your mouth. ;-p

Heather Hunger

Y'all remember Heather Hunter? You know... that porn star that be fucking them big dicked white men.. Well, she's gotta be like 40 and still looks BANGIN'...

I'd hit.
bahahahahahaaa... :-p