Thursday, November 27, 2008


i had the most horrible sex experience ever... go figure.... idk maybe he was stuffed with turkey, but i just wasnt "feeling" it.... the tv was on and i totally *forgot what was going on, and was paying WAYYYY more attention to the tv, than giving it to him.... i mean... i was more interested in that show on USA, its called House, than him doing is "thang"... it was HORRIBLE..... i'm hella traumatized..... i miss my babooski.... damn limp dick has me fucked up!.... *ouch... that was harsh..... but on the real though... why do guys do the whole "who's is it?" "is it mine?" blah blah blah... while they're in you.... why cant they just c'mon and get on with the get on... lol... i mean.... if a nigga who was doing it right asked me to tell him he was Osama Bin Landin (SPELL CHECK THT), while he was in me, i would call him tht.... dnt play.... lol... really though.... -->he was horrible<-- i thot this picture was funni...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey there.... ummmm..... yehhhh... my night is fitting to be bliss.... i've been chillin' all day... i'm NOT cooking, my aunty is. lol... I get to be LAZY... lol... anyway... Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My plans for Thanksgiving...

So of course i'm going home to be with the family... but I also plan on swinging by a certain "friend's" house, having some Thanksgiving Sausage... lol... but on the real, there are some guys who you can get pregnant from their hug, because there hugs are sooooo sentious and you find your knees getting weak.... t'he he... this fool is one of them, and i'm pretty sure if he came to my school, i would fail because his sausage would always be in my sausage wallet... lol... I hope you all find your sausages or wallets... lol... cuz i got mine!.... I can't wait. I wish today was Thanksgiving.

Sex Postion of The Week

To get into the position the receiver simply sits in the lap of their seated partner facing them and on the edge of a bed or couch. The receiver then leans back away from the edge and their partner, while the giver provides support by holding on to their hands. Unfortunately, the position isn't great for generating vertical movement, so a rocking motion will be required to create horizontal movement.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

His feelings...

So being the vendictive broad that i am, i've been looking for ways to hurt that nigga's feelings, cuz he getting a lil too ahead of himself, n pride is a bitch! && I wanna show that fool whats REALLY GOOD... so i googled it! yeahhhh! lol... some things i found were like, call out someone elses name when he thinks he's hitting it just right... OUCH!... or pretend to fall asleep... or better yet have mind blowing sex with his best friend... do something sexual with someone else in front of him......... can't believe i googled all this! lol... i personally am not a "game" player... so i could always just drop him from my roster and move on cuz i got plenty of fish in my hand... idk? ne thots lemme know... n keep it real, cuz this IS love n war.

Tyra Banks = the bitch we love to hate!
But she BADD. ♥


He was talking all this stuff like he's the man above all men. He was like "I know you would never leave me" and "you need me to survive"... NIGGA PLEASEEEEE! Yuu need me to survive. Don't get it twisted, without me, there is no you. I mean, lets be real for a split second, the fact that i care about you does not signify that i am incapable of being ME without YOU. He must have lost his mind. He knows that in our relationship he's the only one said "i love you" on the phone. I don't have time for love. Only love I need aside from God is family, best believe he is NOT what i need. He's not Mr. Right, he's Mr. Right-Now... and maybe I need to remind him of that, because he's forgotten. All play is fair in love n war, and i'm about to show him whats REALLY GOOD... stay with me, i have a feeling i'm about to do something drastic....

i ♥ Serena Williams... she badd. (:

Saturday, November 22, 2008


To steal some words from Common... "might have got a little head, but it wasn't really cheating".... there's a difference between cheating on your man, and just keeping something from him, that will really hurt his feelings.... what happened last night, will hurt his feelings... burst his ego, shatter his manliness.... and i do so him possibly crying about it... no one one wants to see a grown man in tears, thats just not pretty.... at all.... lol... && i don't cry myself, so ummmmm, that'll really work my nerves, i'll get fed up n it'll just be over... lol....


i'm totally satisfied. woke up glowing, but fully knowing he was worth my time... i got 4 voicemails & 32 texts from my man... he apologized.... t'he he... ummmmm? tell him about last night? NEVER... lol... i'm such a fuck'n lady... lol... *remember* all is fair in love n war... &&...

---->MmmmHmmm... ♥


2nite..... i was that broad on the middle of the dance floor dancing with YOUR MAN... because obviously he found something in me, that YOU just don't have... t'he he... don't be mad, because he bought me a couple drinks and you didnt see him the whole time, he was too busy speaking sweet somethings in my ear about how he wants to be mine... you simply cant put it down like i can, and i can do what i want to do well... so dont be mad if i run my mouth spread the details to whomever i tell.... in case you were wondering i text my man at the beginning of the night and let him know if he didnt hit me up by midnite, i was moving on... well, i guess his texting fingers were a little slow because he text late, so i was already gone... i had already found mah cuddy buddy for the nite... and best believe i did EVERYTHING just right... and i'm not gonna front, he can put it work... a full course meal &&& dessert... ;-P... t'he he... your man will never forget, how he went to Pearl who he met... ME, the baddest broad in the West... && i'm about to do it again, cuz i play all night like his headset... ♥

now dis broad... she badd!... ♥

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just for the Night

I'm going to throw on my sexy dress! put on my stilletos and dance the night away! i know i've got a man back home, but he doesn't call or care for me the way that a REAL MAN should and could... i think he's taking advantage of the fact that I am that ONE who will REMAIN faithful to him... being faithful and forthcoming is in my nature. but, i'm not me for the night. tonight i'm gonna be that girl you see in the club, gettin' it, and dancing the night away... without a care or doubt in her mind, she's always doing what she does just right... and for the night, thats ME... i'm gonna enjoy the night, and all possible escapades....just for the night... ♥


As a woman... i have needs. womanly needs. like ways i need to be touched, felt, caressed, kissed, loved... rubbed... but you see, being a woman if i say this out loud, i'd be labeled a "ho"... no doubt i'm a addicted to good loving, back rubbing, toe curling, ground shaking need fulfillment... but you know... i gotta be good... but in a world if there was no rules, i would be in a pleasurable position 23 out of 24 hours a day.... i would be with whomever i want to be with, when i want to e with them, because it would be something my body wanted, and i would this world you please your intellect as opposed to your body... but i want to please my body... exploring my sexuality and intensify my addiction to him and his entity... i'm an addict and i have needs... needs that need to be satisfied.... ah! i feel like i'm loosing my mind....