Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last of 2008

Say goodbye to 2008. So all the bullshit and the bad sex you had and the stroke of midnite, you have new beginning. Start the year fresh, dump all the baggage, go wild and PLEASE YUURSELF FIRST!... Happy New Years!

Though this position feels good with the blood rushing to your head and all... LEAVE THIS IN 2008! get more adventurous! shiiiiiiiiiiiit... ;-p

To get into the position the receiver simply sits in the lap of their seated partner facing them and on the edge of a bed or couch. The receiver then leans back away from the edge and their partner, while the giver provides support by holding on to their hands. Unfortunately, the position isn't great for generating vertical movement, so a rocking motion will be required to create horizontal movement.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Flesh Light

So i was looking up so random sex toys n i ran up on this, its called the flesh light. Its designed to where the man can imagine it as a vajayjay or a mouth.. and i guess they put the lube in the lil cap thing and the more they "jerk" it the more lube/oil comes out....


i don't know how i feel about this.. i'm a lil disturbed.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

pleasssssssssse me

it all depends on how much he's willing to pleeeeese you. i mean mah bf kept making me cum and cum and cum, and then he put the lil "nipple huggers" on me and then i came again... so it was pleasing. i don't think imma do it again tho. lol... gotta TRY sumthin else. hmmmmmmmmmm.... oooo sex toy of the day or wateva... its called the "fucking chair" and basically you sig on it and the slower or faster you rock the quicker or slower the dildo comes in and out of you..... ;-P... i guess men might become obsolete after all... lol....

Friday, December 26, 2008

for 2nite...

so i wanna try this. i was watchin a porno and the dude put this lil titty clips on her and it looked like it hurt, but pleasure is pain,... and some things that look like it hurt can come to feel reallllllll good... i'm not into whips n chains, but i wanna see what this does. i got them close line clamps in a drawer somewhere, imma try this n let yuu kno... ;-p

yes. this is janet jackson's titty, and it looks pretty damn good! ;-p

Ugh! -- Proposed.

So he proposed to me. WHY?!. i don't know if u know but i don't do the whole committed forever kinda thing. yeah i guess me n him been at it for a while, but i never once thot he was serious about me like tht. i know i'm not serious about him at all. i know that if his sex wasnt so SATISFACTORY i wudda left a LONNNNNNNNNNNG [pun intended] time ago. lol.. i'm on using him for his sex, and he wants to marry me? i been talkin to my friends about it, and i'm like, i gotta say no. BUT if yhu had seen the look in his eye yhu wud understand y i said i'd think about it. it was like the sad puppy dog don't break my heart kinda look. UGH!!!!!!!! He's cool i just can't get married cuz i aint found the one yet.. and i know he's the one for some one, but that some one just aint me. and out children would look ugly w/ his genes... but i am feeeeelin dat rock he tryna put on my finger.. n i wud look pretty badd in a wedding dress... lol... i knowwww, but i can't help mahself! lol. all i can say tho is... he went to Jared. but Jared betta give him a refund! lol ♥

Monday, December 22, 2008

Even Mrs. Clause...

i know i know.... i've been gone for a while but i had to move out of my apartment, and transfer schools, because the school i was at was NOT THE BUSINESS, but i'm at ASU now, so it's all good.. I know its Christmas times so you all about family and such.. don't forget to buy YOSELF somethin'. i got my man a lil somethin' somethin' too! i got him ME, in a Mrs. Clause outfit.. spice up ya lif and wear yo sexiest vicky secrets underneath... go all out, make some hot chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, whip cream... THE WORKS... KEEP yo man. he he he. on the real the, ladies, this holiday season put the focus on him, and he'll love yuu for it. even Mrs. Clause got down sometimes. How you think they got all them elves running around building presents and stuff.... the aint show up out of NO WHERE.. Mrs. Clause has to do Mr. Clause right to keep him so red in the cheeks... so i'm fittin ta do it BETTER. ;-p

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So i was thinking about this, when it comes to sex, or sum hot LOVIN, i hate giving instructions. i feel as tho, my body itself is a road map and that HE shud be able to read it. i'm not tryna teach a dude how to make love to me, i feel as tho he shud already know. so the boo lately has been lovin me JUST right. its like he knows EXXXACTLY where and what i need. like how he goes from my lips down my body to my lips. PURRRFECT. i mean i really do be purring and shit. i used to make fun of them girls in the lil porno videos or them movies that be having this perfect orgamsm and be growling and shit, but with him i get it just rightttttttt. so ladies, if he doing something yhu like or yhu want him to do something yuu do like, when yall are in public like at the mall or something, draw him close to yhu whisper REAL SEXXXY LIKE in his ear "baby i really like it when yhu...." then HURRY bakk home. and don't be scared to instruct him. just don't be a drill sargent... 'less yhu tryna be ;-p.

Kelly Rowland. So sexy. ♥

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don't Say That.!.

Guys like to put WAY too much hype into themselves and their sex game. I mean, niggai f you know you're good, DON'T SAY NOTHING. Surprise me and blow me out the water. None of this 'you aint ready for me' bull shit when you know you can't deliver... BIGGEST PET PEEVE... the nigga that goes "oh, you like this... you like this... whats mah name... whats mah name....".... DON'T SAY THAT... you are NOT a porn star... = A MAJOR MOOD KILLER... they should KNOW when they're hittin' it right, then KEEP HITTIN.... don't talk to me about shit cuz you'll kill the mood and i'll "forget" you were doing something.... HA HA HA.................. niggas these days. if the nigga only knew that if he spent more time tryna please me than tryna be just like his fav porn star, i would work at it a lot more and please him that much more....

Yall remember Lisa Raye!?!
this ladii was as baddd as they come...

Friday, December 5, 2008


I havent been laid since saturday. and i gotta admit, i am a lil horny. damnit, a bitch has NEEDS. my man has been a lil mia, and my body is craving some satisfaction. so i just thought i'd tell yuu about these things they call pornos... lol....... lil assistance get yuu in the mood masturbation tool. watching them get hot gets yuu hot n yuu just wanna be hot so yuu do what YUU do... lol... a lil object, dildo, vibrator... etc will help yuu out... its so funni cuz quite honestly WATCHING the actual porno does nothing for me.... but, the thought of it, will get you there... don't be ashamed, its perfectly health... rub that clit til yuu come 3, 4, 5, 6,... times... wake up the roommates, neighboor, and all the ppl across the street.... do it til yuu do the white girl shake... lol.. ;-P

ivibrator --> connects to yuur ipod
Vibrates to the beat of your music...
LMAO... lol

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sex Position of The Week

The Bassett Hound variation of Doggy Style is so-called because of the closeness of both partners to the floor. The position is straightforward; the receiver on all fours with their partner holding on to the receiver's bottom or sides. Because of the low position the receiver's rear is pushed right back, while the giver's knees are placed to either side of the buttocks. The low position requires a degree of flexibility in both partners hips and may not be comfortable for many... but for those who can, the effort is more than worth it!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Never tell your kidd this....

"I should have swallowed you when i had the chance."...... idk what movie i'm watching, its HBO, something is always on... but NEVER ever ever, do this. lol

The Bearstein Bears

yall remember this book series.

-->limited edition<--... lol... ha ha ha.....

Yooooo,.... i remember in grade school there was this lil story about a sandwhich we used to tell. it goes something like.... A boy takes his girlfriend home for a bit of fun but finds his llittle brother sleeping in the bottom bunk, undaunted they climb into the top bunk. He says to the girl "we'll use a code - if you want it harder say lettuce, if you want a different position say tomato..... lettuce lettuce tomato lettuce she says. After a while his brother shouts, "will you two stop making sandwiches, the mayonnaise is dripping all over my face!"..... LOL!


i'm weak! therefore i got back with my man. and best believe the make up sex was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! there was kissing n biting n scratching n nibbling n moaning n groaning n screamin n suckin n rubbin n. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,...................... loved every second of the 7 hours we was at it... i mean he came 3 times, i came 1-2-3-4-.... i lost track at 13.... i think we took 10min interlude during that 7 hours, cuz i was about to die of thirst.... lol... it was serious grown folks bidness!... i mean no doubt i had been holding out on him for a while... it hadnt been a while for me.... BUTTTTT a playas gotta do what a playas gotta do.... tip of the week: post sex? do some crunches. n practice yuur squeezes! keep tht pussy tight!

LOL.... yehhhhhhhhh rite.