Monday, December 22, 2008

Even Mrs. Clause...

i know i know.... i've been gone for a while but i had to move out of my apartment, and transfer schools, because the school i was at was NOT THE BUSINESS, but i'm at ASU now, so it's all good.. I know its Christmas times so you all about family and such.. don't forget to buy YOSELF somethin'. i got my man a lil somethin' somethin' too! i got him ME, in a Mrs. Clause outfit.. spice up ya lif and wear yo sexiest vicky secrets underneath... go all out, make some hot chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, whip cream... THE WORKS... KEEP yo man. he he he. on the real the, ladies, this holiday season put the focus on him, and he'll love yuu for it. even Mrs. Clause got down sometimes. How you think they got all them elves running around building presents and stuff.... the aint show up out of NO WHERE.. Mrs. Clause has to do Mr. Clause right to keep him so red in the cheeks... so i'm fittin ta do it BETTER. ;-p

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