Friday, November 21, 2008


As a woman... i have needs. womanly needs. like ways i need to be touched, felt, caressed, kissed, loved... rubbed... but you see, being a woman if i say this out loud, i'd be labeled a "ho"... no doubt i'm a addicted to good loving, back rubbing, toe curling, ground shaking need fulfillment... but you know... i gotta be good... but in a world if there was no rules, i would be in a pleasurable position 23 out of 24 hours a day.... i would be with whomever i want to be with, when i want to e with them, because it would be something my body wanted, and i would this world you please your intellect as opposed to your body... but i want to please my body... exploring my sexuality and intensify my addiction to him and his entity... i'm an addict and i have needs... needs that need to be satisfied.... ah! i feel like i'm loosing my mind....

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