Sunday, November 23, 2008


He was talking all this stuff like he's the man above all men. He was like "I know you would never leave me" and "you need me to survive"... NIGGA PLEASEEEEE! Yuu need me to survive. Don't get it twisted, without me, there is no you. I mean, lets be real for a split second, the fact that i care about you does not signify that i am incapable of being ME without YOU. He must have lost his mind. He knows that in our relationship he's the only one said "i love you" on the phone. I don't have time for love. Only love I need aside from God is family, best believe he is NOT what i need. He's not Mr. Right, he's Mr. Right-Now... and maybe I need to remind him of that, because he's forgotten. All play is fair in love n war, and i'm about to show him whats REALLY GOOD... stay with me, i have a feeling i'm about to do something drastic....

i ♥ Serena Williams... she badd. (:

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