Sunday, November 23, 2008

His feelings...

So being the vendictive broad that i am, i've been looking for ways to hurt that nigga's feelings, cuz he getting a lil too ahead of himself, n pride is a bitch! && I wanna show that fool whats REALLY GOOD... so i googled it! yeahhhh! lol... some things i found were like, call out someone elses name when he thinks he's hitting it just right... OUCH!... or pretend to fall asleep... or better yet have mind blowing sex with his best friend... do something sexual with someone else in front of him......... can't believe i googled all this! lol... i personally am not a "game" player... so i could always just drop him from my roster and move on cuz i got plenty of fish in my hand... idk? ne thots lemme know... n keep it real, cuz this IS love n war.

Tyra Banks = the bitch we love to hate!
But she BADD. ♥

1 comment:

y0ung_runway said...

Love your blog. This pic is totally photoshopped. I've seen a tyra nip slip before, they look nothing like that lol. Plus she has never taken any intentional nudes.