Saturday, November 22, 2008


2nite..... i was that broad on the middle of the dance floor dancing with YOUR MAN... because obviously he found something in me, that YOU just don't have... t'he he... don't be mad, because he bought me a couple drinks and you didnt see him the whole time, he was too busy speaking sweet somethings in my ear about how he wants to be mine... you simply cant put it down like i can, and i can do what i want to do well... so dont be mad if i run my mouth spread the details to whomever i tell.... in case you were wondering i text my man at the beginning of the night and let him know if he didnt hit me up by midnite, i was moving on... well, i guess his texting fingers were a little slow because he text late, so i was already gone... i had already found mah cuddy buddy for the nite... and best believe i did EVERYTHING just right... and i'm not gonna front, he can put it work... a full course meal &&& dessert... ;-P... t'he he... your man will never forget, how he went to Pearl who he met... ME, the baddest broad in the West... && i'm about to do it again, cuz i play all night like his headset... ♥

now dis broad... she badd!... ♥

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