Monday, January 26, 2009

Sun Devil

Arizona State University
The Sun Devils? WTF?

Sun Devil my ass.... idk if i told yhu yet, but this school is whack as fuck! i'm only out here bkuz of business school, W. P. Carey School of Business, one of the best schools for business everywhere, catch me if you can when i graduate b... bahahahahaaaa! but you know me, wherever i got i pull 'em like magnets... it had been like 2 almost 3 weeks since i got some, and damnit a bitch has needs! me n one of my friends went to some *DYMES ON A DOLLAR* bullshit.... everyone packed up in the club before 10:15 so they can get in for a $1... me n my girl werent having tht so we showed up at midnite n payed 5$... ay' tht aint bad... so i got there n OF COURSE i'm scouting for niggas... all i see is bitches!

BUT I WAS SICKK N TIRED OF SEEING FEMALES... no offense. but females cannot fill tht nigga void... LOL... so i got my drink n my two step on... then i seen this fine ass nigga step in...
but i keep frontlin like i dont see him.... lets just sayyyyyyyyyyyyyy he took me home n i he wont forget my......... face?... ha ha ha.... lol... sorry, but i had to do it! of course i wrapped it up no doubt, but you this city whack, so im about to turn it out... count 'em 2 n a half hours, he nut 5 times i about 8, but i'm a beast, he wasnt reddi! rate him? 1-10 scale he was about an 7... he was 8in... about 3 maybe 4 around... he was like "can you handle the anaconda?" i was like "i'm a big girl, i got it."... HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA... sex with no string attached, i'm lovin it. he asked if he could get my number... i said i don't have a fone yet. mah ghurl bitch you know thts i lie, i said he don't have to know that. i aint no bodys booty call best believe!.. ;-p


xxxx said...

girl i feel you on that one nsa is the best...dont be getting too involved with non of dem college dudes they aint about shit and they do the same thing you do.

DeeDee said...



Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

LMAO you are TOO funny! I dunno how even ended up on your blog! A follower of yours sent me a friend request and next thing I know I'm on here!

Do your thing girl, just make sure you stay safe!

Check my blog out when you get a spare min x